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Closed Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

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We are currently following the counties mask mandates that are in place

-Electric City

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We are a vintage Audio & Hi-Fi shop located in Westminster Colorado. Together we have 30+ years electronics repair/refurbishing experience. 

Come see our showroom full of awesome vintage audio equipment we have for sale.  Receivers,   Speakers, Reel to Reel Machines,  Cassette Decks, Turntables   and Console Stereos. 

We also carry NEW PRODUCTS
Authorized dealer for Pro-Ject Audio,  Andover Audio, U-Turn Audio, Audio Technica,
rtofon, Hana ,
Clear Audio   & Sumiko  Cartridges
We also have a great selection of Records, Reel to Reel Tape, Cassettes, T-Shirts & Record Cleaning Accessories!!

We specialize in vintage audio repair and console restoration/repair. 

The Shop

Electric City Repair is your local one-stop-shop for anything and everything vintage audio. From McIntosh Amplifiers to Grandfather's Tube Console, we can do everything from minor repairs to full restorations.
Our technicians have had countless years of experience with receivers, tube amps, turntables, reel to reel, cassette decks, and more. 
We have dedicated our lives to the lost art of repair and restoration. Always to be used for good and NEVER for evil.

If you also have an appreciation for the quality, style and overall awesomeness of audio equipment made when manufacturers put their very heart and soul into the products they made then this is the place for you.
You will like our very reasonable rates and you will love our service.

Items we purchase are typically audio from the 70s & most turntables along with record collections. 
Please email us a list & some photos of your items



Please note that we DO NOT accept shipped in repairs.


What exactly do we repair?

Electric City Repair specializes in vintage audio, which is equipment made before 1980 that plays, creates, captures or processes music and sound.


Good examples of this are: stereo receivers, amplifiers, cassette decks, reel to reel, turntables, classic car radios and those gigantic pieces of furniture that have a record player and radio in them, the one  your mother told you never ever to touch.

There are exceptions to this of course. We will repair more modern amplifiers and pre-amps that are made to a higher standard than most mass produced low quality components. If you are not sure if yours falls into our repair list then, please give us a call


Console Restoration

Vintage Console Restoration is one of our specialties here at Electric City

No, we are not 80 year old retired radio servicemen,  but we have taken up the lost art of the vintage console repair.

Not only do these Consoles from the  50's, 60's & 70's  look very stylish, they also have an amazing sound that only tubes and hand wired circuits can give you. Most of these units have stopped working long ago and can be actually dangerous to plug in.

We can restore the electronics back to working order by replacing the old power cord, bad components in the chassis and we have access to old tubes if replacements are necessary.

We also now offer modern higher end upgrades to make your console better than original


Not many repair places offer this service, but we just love bringing these pieces of history back to life.

Console repair must be done In Shop.  

Please note that we do not do any woodwork, refinishing or cloth replacement but we do have a referral for that if needed


Console drop off is by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call or email for availability & to get on the schedule. If you bring in your console without an appointment then you will be placed at the end of the line or we may have you take it with you and bring it back when we have a slot available

We regret to announce that we will NO LONGER be working on Pre-War Radios or ANY of the tabletop radios.  We will however work on your consoles 1955 & Later. If you are unsure of the age of your console send us a photo

If you need pick up or delivery of your console we recommend 

Please click the button to go to their website for details and prices




We Do NOT Fix....
Car Audio (unless it is a pre-1980's car radio), Game consoles, Bluetooth Speakers, Toys, Powered PA Speakers, Car & Subwoofer Amplifiers, Televisions, VCR's, DVD, CD, Blue-Ray, Modern Stereo Receivers (1980's and Newer), Surround Sound Systems, Soundbars, Appliances, Medical or Industrial Equipment, Tools, Hovercraft, Massage Chairs, Inkjet Printers, Broken Hearts and absolutely positively no Ear-Buds, Headphones, Cell Phones, Computers or tablets!

See referral link below for someone who does work on these


Of course the cost of repair is the most important part of the deal right?

Every repair is different, but we can give you a general idea of what we charge.


Diagnostics Deposit


The diagnostics deposit is due at time of check in and will be credited towards the repair.


  • Receivers, Turntables, Amps etc. are $60

  • Tube Amps, Tube Receivers, Tube Gear are $80

  • Stereo Consoles are $100.00 for diagnostics

  • Cassette Decks, Reel to Reels are $120

Repair Services


  • Stereo Receiver / Amplifier Basic Cleaning and service averages $60-$80 + lights

  • Tube Hi-Fi Amps basic cleaning and service averages $80- $120

  • Cassette Deck Basic Cleaning and service starts at $120+ belts

  • Reel to Reel service starts at $120 + belts

  • Turntable Basic Cleaning and Service averages $60- $80

  • Console Stereo Restoration averages $500- $800 (German consoles avg $700- $1000) including full restoration of Record Changer, Tuner and Amplifier and Speaker wiring.

  • We also offer beautiful modern component upgrades for your console stereo

  • ***Please Note that Consoles are NOT typically a quick fix for Restoration & need an appointment to be brought in***

These are just examples of pricing that we charge here, and if you would like a better quote please call or email with what you have and what the problem is and we would be glad to give you a good estimate of what it will cost. 

We also offer several levels of service beyond the Basic Cleaning and service, including factory calibrations and full re-caps and restore 


A Range of Fabrics, Including Vintage Leathers, & Wide Variety of Colors



Spray paint, Custom Stencilling & Variety of Custom Made Artwork

Searching for that Perfect Gift?  Well we have you covered.

We have Gift Certificates available, Good towards In Store Purchase or Repair


We have so many cool item's that we can't possibly list them all here, including shirts, Record Tote Bags, coffee mugs & more. Don't worry we also have many more items available in the store to fit any budget, Including (but not limited to) Cassette Decks, Turntables, Receivers, Speakers, Reel to Reel Players, Collectibles and strange electronic oddities


Follow us on Facebook,Instagram (below) And browse our Craigslist Ad's for New Arrivals and weekly specials!


FAQ & Referral List

Heres the answers to some of our Frequently asked questions & Service Referrals on items we do not repair


Contact Us

Electric City

7225 Lowell Blvd

Westminster, Co




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Sunday- Closed

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