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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here's all the answers to those frequently asked questions pertaining to repairs

Counter Quotes & Diagnostics/Completion times are estimated only & are subject to change


 Typical Initial Diagnostics time change

Please inquire about lead time at time of check in

        weeks on receivers & Cassette Decks

        weeks on  turntables, 

        Reel to Reels & tube amps

 Appointment only on console stereos

 Repair times after that depend on the intensity  of the repair.

 Full Recap & Restores can take up to 6-8 months, depending on the intensity of the repair

 Re-caps, restorations and rebuilds can take some time once approved. These are NOT  quick fix repairs. 

 Console Stereo Restoration are now averaging 6 to 8 weeks from time of check in & Tube Stereos/ Classic Car Radios  can take up to 6  months for completion (These are project pieces and take time)

 We ask that you be patient


2. We DO have to charge the diagnostics charge on every item checked in.  We have to pay our technicians to diagnose your unit so we cannot give you diagnostics for free. All non-repairable items will be charge a diagnostics charge 


3. At times we have to source and purchase parts for your repair.  Due to current supply issues some parts are on back order. These are vintage units and  some parts can be harder to source than others and sometimes will delay our repair work.  

If this situation occurs, we ask for your patience and understanding.  


4. When your equipment is ready we will call and/or email you.  

Please remember to check your voicemails and emails. 

You have 30 days from the date of your invoice to pick up your item.   Add us to accepted emails so we don't go to spam

If you cannot get here in that time please call or email and let us know so we can make a note.

We don’t like to keep customers units, so as long as you communicate with us we can work with you 


5. Unless a considerable amount of time has passed, please refrain from calling to check the status. If everyone called us we would have to answer hundreds of calls a day, which would lower our efficiency and delay everyone's repairs. We cannot provide weekly updates on everyone's items. That is unrealistic.  The same thing goes for calls insisting on talking to the technician, our counter staff is trained and can almost always answer any questions that you may have. 


6. After the repair of your unit we guarantee our work for a period of 90 days from time of invoice. If the repair fails please bring your equipment back within that time frame.  If your unit has developed a different problem (one other than that which we repaired) or if it needs more work that what we did, we must charge you for the additional work


7.  Vintage Audio Equipment will sometimes break at home and work perfectly fine here in the shop.  We call this “No Problems Found”.  However if you get it back home and the problem happens again (within the 90 days) you can bring it back into the shop and we will check it out again with no additional diagnostics 


8. Our Estimate charge is the same as our diagnostics.  Even if you decline the estimate we still have to charge for the diagnostics of the unit. 

We give a general estimate at the counter.   If the repair cost will exceed the quote we gave at the counter greatly then we will call/ email with an estimate.  

Counter Estimates are general repair costs and are subject to change. 

Please get back to us ASAP to let us know if you approve or decline the estimate.  

Please DO NOT just show up to pick up your estimated unit without notifying  us.  

Most Estimated repairs are already opened and when you show up unexpectedly then we may not have time to put it back together while you wait.

If you decline the estimate then you can pick your item up and bring it back in at a later time (estimates are valid for 90 days)

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